Title Meeting and Year Abstract
Seismometers for New Zealand schools GSNZ, 2013 Van Wijk and Adam
ED51B-0750: An inquiry based seismology lesson for SeismicCanvas AGU Fall meeting, 2011 Mikesell
S41B-2186: A review of the virtual refraction and application to active source and regional imaging AGU Fall meeting, 2011 Mikesell, Van Wijk and Ruigrok
ED51B-0756: Monitoring seismic waves with school-built seismographs AGU Fall meeting, 2011 Van Wijk, Channel, Smith and Knudsen
GP41A-0981: Investigating the structure of a shallow geothermal system in the Upper Arkansas Valley of Colorado using a combination of potential field and seismic geophysical data AGU Fall meeting, 2011 Lamb, Revil, Diggins, van Wijk, Liberty
S43C-2282: Laser-based excitation and diagnostics of planar fractures AGU Fall meeting, 2011 Blum, van Wijk, Snieder and Willis
Capturing fracture propagation in a glacier using passive seismology AGU Fall meeting, 2010 Smith, Mikesell, van Wijk, Walters and Bradford
CO2 sequestration in basalts: laboratory measurements AGU Fall meeting, 2010 Otheim, Adam, van Wijk, McLing and Podgorney
Raising seismic awareness on-and off-campus with class-built seismometers AGU Fall meeting, 2010 Ferguson, van Wijk, Channel, and Nuxoll
Exploiting head-wave artifacts in seismic interferometry AGU Fall meeting, 2010 Mikesell, van Wijk, Nichols, and Calvert
Surface-Wave Isolation with the Interferometrically Obtained Green Tensor AGU Fall meeting, 2010 van Wijk, Blum, Lamb and Mikesell
Preliminary scanning measurements of combined in- and out-of-plane components with laser interferometry Laser Ultrasonics 2010 Meeting Blum, van Wijk, Pouet and Wartelle
Passive icemology: seismic signals related to glacier dynamics at Bench Glacier, Alaska AGU Fall Meeting, 2009 Mikesell, van Wijk, Bradford and Haney
The Virtual Refraction: Spurious Energy In Seismic Interferometry Aiding Near-Surface Characterization SEG workshop on seismic interferometry, 2009 Van Wijk, Mikesell, Calvert, Nichols and Haney
Seismicity Associated with Geothermal Systems AGU Fall Meeting, 2009 Walters and van Wijk
Characterization of a geothermal system in the Upper Arkansas Valley, CO SEG annual Meeting, 2009 Blum, van Wijk, Batzle, Krahenbuhl, Revil and Reynolds
The Dewatto lineament: Southwestern extension of the Seattle fault? GSA Portland Meeting, 2009 Lamb, Liberty, Blakely and van Wijk
Numerical study of CO2 sequestration AGU Fall Meeting, 2008 Khatiwada, van Wijk, Adam and Haney
The virtual refraction: useful spurious energy in seismic interferometry AGU Fall Meeting, 2008 Mikesell, van Wijk, Calvert and Haney