We make inferences about the physical properties of heterogeneous media from scattered (elastic) waves. Indoors, these waves are mostly ultrasonic, excited and detected with lasers. Outside, probing waves are in the seismic frequency band.

Apple Seismology; for more info visit the publications page.

As our wavelengths span orders of magnitudes, so do our applications. Outside, targets include the Auckland Volcanic Field, geothermal exploration, and micro-seismicity for fluid reservoir characterization. In the laboratory, we do rock physics in collaboration with the PORO lab, ice physics, medical imaging.


  • Caitlin graduates with Honours
    Congratulations to Caitlin on graduating with Honours and completing her thesis on photoacoustic velocimetry. After many months of waiting for an in-person graduation, Caitlin finally got to walk the plank this week! She has been such an asset to our biomedical imaging projects and we are thrilled she will be continuing her work in the…
  • Shallow Water Waves and Tsunami
    Tsunamis can be generated by earthquakes near subduction zones. Here, the white gutter represents one tectonic plate with water -- an ocean -- on top. The wooden board is a plate subducting under the "gutter plate." Friction between the two plates, pulls the gutter down until the friction is overcome by the strength of the…
  • Ultrasonic imaging of blood flow in human bone
    A new publication hit the press this week on ultrasonic imaging of bone in Journal of Bone and Mineral Research PLUS.   For the first time, we demonstrated quantitative measurements of blood flow in the cortical bone layer of a cohort of human volunteers. This paper is a continuation of Jami Shepherd's postdoctoral research in the…

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