We make inferences about the physical properties of heterogeneous media from scattered (elastic) waves. Indoors, these waves are mostly ultrasonic, excited and detected with lasers. Outside, probing waves are in the seismic frequency band.

Apple Seismology; for more info visit the publications page.

As our wavelengths span orders of magnitudes, so do our applications. Outside, targets include the Auckland Volcanic Field, geothermal exploration, and micro-seismicity for fluid reservoir characterization. In the laboratory, we do rock physics in collaboration with the PORO lab, ice physics, medical imaging.


  • MSNoise research summary
    Over the summer and semester 1 of 2019 I have been using MSNoise to monitor the Auckland volcanic field along with several¬† small associated investigations that followed. This page aims to provide a summary of methods, results, possible lines of enquiry for future work as well as questions that are still unanswered after this time.¬†…
  • AVF seismic velocity monitoring
    Above is a plot of the temporal seismic velocity in the AVF as found by using ambient seismic noise through the MSNoise package. At the moment this tool is 9 days behind the current date. The seismic data is downloaded from the Geonet FDSN archive service, which runs 7 days behind the present time to…
  • "Timberrr!" - A new new laser ultrasonic way to estimate the physical properties of wood
    Wave Motion just published our latest research on estimating the physical properties of wood. Our method, based on laser-generated and laser-detected ultrasonic¬† waves, has major advantages over current techniques, as you can read here. This work started as part of Sam's PhD thesis, and has since been picked up by Jonathan and Kasper. Maybe one…

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