Hi, I am Caitlin, and I am a summer research student using ambient seismic noise to monitor the Auckland Volcanic Field.

I am a third-year undergraduate majoring in Physics and Chemistry,  but I am particularly interested in how these fields can help us understand the processes that created and shaped the planet we live on.

Over the summer I hope to use the python package MSNoise to process and analyse Auckland’s seismic station data.  From this data, a Green’s function or impulse response can be obtained and, over time, determine changes in seismic wave speed between stations.  I hope to investigate the sources of these changes, with some possible leads being:

  • Changes in the source of the seismic noise(ocean waves)
  • Precipitation altering the groundwater/water table level
  • Changes in the material properties of the earth between stations (magmatic intrusision= imminent volcanic eruption?)

As my research progresses I intend to post my findings on the PAL blog, so stay tuned!