• Laura Cobus is continuing as a Research Fellow in the Department of Physics with an independent research project.



      • Sam Hitchman finished his PhD in Physics. He now works for AgResearch
      • Jonathan Simpson received his BSc(hons) in Geophysics, and stayed on for an MSc study, and is doing his PhD in the PAL.
      • Rabea Pleiss received her BSc in Geophysics, and is now on adventure in Central America.
      • Gugi Ganefianto received his MSc Degree in Geophysics, worked for Jacobs Jakarta, and is now a  PhD student at Tohoku University
      • Paul Freeman is now a PureScript Developer at Sylo


      • Jami Johnson (now Jami Johnson Shepherd) finished her PhD on photoacoustic imaging, was  at The Sorbonne University in Paris for a postdoctoral position, but is now back as the Agnes Blackie Fellow and an Associate Investigator of the DWC.


      • Gugi Ganefianto just finished his BSc Honours degree, and is working now toward his MSc in Geophysics, on seismic tomography of the Auckland Volcanic Field
      • Yibin Yao graduated with a BTech degree


      • Josiah Ensing just finished his MSc degree, but is staying on for a PhD project to image the Auckland Volcanic Field
      • Zoe Davidson, Btech, worked for vodaphone, but started a PhD programme in Bristol University
      • Ashleigh Fromont recently completed her MSc thesis in the School of Environment, University of Auckland
      • Prabhat Shrestha, MSc, interned at Schlumberger Gould Research in Cambridge, UK, and works for Mighty River Power
      • Jackson MacFarlane completed his BSc (hons), and is now at Stanford University in the PhD programme


      • Leighton Watson, BSc Honours in Geophysics, now PhD student at Stanford University
      • Saketh Vishnubhotla, BTech Information Technology, now with DataCom Systems
      • Fang Ou (Rachel), finished her BTech degree in 2015, and is now a PhD candidate in the Department of Physics.


      • Sam Hitchman, BTech. Now PhD student in the PAL
      • Gray Lu, Btech. Now MSc student at the University of Canterbury
      • Jennifer Yeh, Btech. Now in Medical School in Melbourne, Australia
      • Prabhat Shrestha, Postgraduate Diploma. After MSc (2015), now at Mighty River Power

The Boise Years

      • Andrew Lamb, PhD 2013, now an assistant professor at the University of Arkansas
      • Clinton Colwell, MS 2013, working for ADA County
      • Thomas Blum, PhD 2013, now at the University of Lausanne
      • Jami Johnson, MS 2013, now a postdoctoral fellow at the Pierre and Marie Curie University
      • Daniel Shaltry, BSc 2013, now at ESG Solutions in Kinston, Ontario
      • Kara Ferguson, BSc 2012, now MS program at BSU
      • Dylan Mikesell, PhD 2012, now assistant professor at Boise State University
      • Deb Fagan, MS 2012, now at Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
      • Randi Walters, BS 2010, now at BSU
      • Murari Khatiwada, MS 2008, PhD 2013 from the University of Oklahoma, now working for EnerVest Ltd.
      • Thomas Otheim, BS 2008, MS 2012, now  at BSU

Sam, Kasper and Leighton at graduation, May 2014