This morning Josiah defended his PhD thesis titled “Multi-Component Ambient Seismic Noise Tomography of the Auckland Volcanic Field” (AVF). Josiah gave an excellent presentation and fielded the questions from the examiners with confidence.The outcome of the defense was the recommendation to award Josiah the PhD degree, pending minor corrections.

Josiah’s research culminated in the first three-dimensional structural model of the AVF, extending from the surface to ~25km depth: a worthy accomplishment in its own right, and one that is an important addition to the existing literature. Josiah’s thesis provides another piece of the puzzle that is the AVF.

Josiah has been a member of the PAL, having completed his MSc with us previously. We are proud to call him our “pal”, and wish him well in the next phases of his career. Congratulations to Josiah!

Josiah pictured 2nd from the right, with James, Jonathan, Shreya and Kasper at the GSNZ meeting in Josiah’s backyard of Hamilton.