Here is a list of things to do in preparation of a Service date for our network:

  1. Call or email Peggy for a truck rental.
  2. Print empty Service Sheets (11 stations total).
  3. Make sure the Clies are fully charged preceding the Service date. If the Clie lost power we will have to restore it’s software.
  4. Remove old tape from each flash drive and replace with new tape.

What to bring:

  1. Clie
  2. Flash Drives
  3. Service Sheets
  4. Pen (a good one)
  5. Sharpie Marker
  6. Masking Tape
  7. Adjustable Crescent Wrench
  8. Multitool
  9. Wire Brush
  10. Voltmeter
  11. Iris Laptop and Card Reader
  12. Handheld GPS
  13. Don’t forget lunch!

You can also visit the iris site for suggestions on what to bring

Directions from Google maps go here

  1. From Boise take I-84 West to the Vale Exit #374.
  2. At the exit turn South on Hwy 201.
  3. Turn West on Hwy 20 (a right turn after crossing the railroad).
  4. Turn Right at Bully Creek (there’s a church just to the Left of the intersection).
  5. Turn Right on Bully Creek Rd.
  6. Proceed to Neal Hot Springs.