Research interest

Seismic methods to quantify rock and fluid properties.  Elastic and visco-elastic rock physics and well logging. Rock-fluid interactions and their effect on geophysical and petrophysical properties. Quantitative seismic and geophysical well logging data analysis for reservoir properties. Time-lapse geophysical data. CO2 sequestration, geothermal and oil and gas reservoir characterization.

Peer-reviewed publications:

*Towards seismically monitoring carbonic acid reactivity with basalts: a laboratory study In review

*Elastic laboratory measurements and modeling of saturated basalts
L. Adam and T. Otheim. In press: Journal of Geophysical Research

*Noncontacting bench-top measurements of the elastic properties of shales
T. Blum, L. Adam and K. van Wijk. In press: Geophysics.

* A feasibility study of time-lapse seismic monitoring of CO2 sequestration in a layered basalt reservoir
M. Khatiwada, L. Adam, M. Morrison, and K. van Wijk. The Journal of Applied Geophysics, 2012.

* CO2 sequestration in basalts: Fluid substitution and carbonate mineralization
T. Otheim, L. Adam, K. van Wijk, M. Batzle, T. McLing and R. Podgorney. The Leading Edge, 2011.

* Seismic wave attenuation in carbonates
L. Adam, M. Batzle, K. Lewallen and K. van Wijk. Journal of Geophysical Research, Solid Earth, 2009.

* Elastic properties of carbonates from laboratory measurements at seismic and ultrasonic frequencies
L. Adam and M. Batzle. The Leading Edge, 2008.

* Gassmann’s fluid substitution and shear modulus variability in carbonates at laboratory seismic and ultrasonic frequencies
L. Adam,  M. Batzle and I. Brevik. Geophysics, 2006.

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* GEOPH410/GEOPH597: Well logging and rock physics: Syllabus’09

* GEOPH411/511: Integrated Reservoir Analysis: Syllabus’10

* AAPG Imperial Barrel Award faculty co-advisor, 2011

* GEOPH410/GEOPH597: Well logging and rock physics: Syllabus’11

* GEOPH300: Physics of the Earth: Syllabus’11

* Integrated Reservoir Analysis (GEOPH 411/511) Spring 2012


Ludmila Adam CV