We make inferences about the physical properties of heterogeneous media from scattered (elastic) waves. Indoors, these waves are mostly ultrasonic, excited and detected with lasers. Outside, probing waves are in the seismic frequency band.

Apple Seismology; for more info visit the publications page.

As our wavelengths span orders of magnitudes, so do our applications. Outside, targets include the Auckland Volcanic Field, geothermal exploration, and micro-seismicity for fluid reservoir characterization. In the laboratory, we do rock physics in collaboration with the PORO lab, ice physics, medical imaging.


  • AVF P-wave travel time tomography: 100+ teleseismic events
    We implement P-wave travel time tomography using FMTOMO, to image the subsurface structure beneath the Auckland Volcanic Field. The input information, which is the residual travel time is obtained using an adaptive stacking code, tcas by Nick Rawlinson. Inversion is then implemented using more than one hundred teleseismic sources. getting the residual time: tcas The…
  • Zoe is off to Bristol to join the PhD programme
    Zoe, one of the original Apple Seismologists, is off to the University of Bristol, UK! She's going to be working with Dr Judy Rorison in the Photonics team. She works primarily in development of fundamental materials for use in Optoelectronics focusing on the use of Quantum Photonics/ Quantum Dots and Wells, and development of Optoelectronic…
  • Combined ultrasonic and photoacoustic imaging of the carotid artery
    Today, Dr. Jami Johnson's final PhD thesis chapter found its way into the peer-reviewed literature. Her work on combined laser ultrasound and photoacoustic imaging of an ex-vivo carotid artery has appeared in the March issue of Photoacoustics. The PALs involved (Jami and Kasper) would like to thank our external collaborators: Merv Merrilees and Jeff Shragge…

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